Sheriff CISO & Special Agent SKURIO Up Against The Data Thieves

Pranav Kumar
July 24, 2021

Let me take you through a very interesting battle between Sheriff CISO and the Data Thieves. 

The CISO is someone who pledges to keep the company safe & the information security threats at bay. So, he is termed as the Sheriff. In the earlier times, the sheriff’s part of the job wasn’t much of an uphill task as data inside the perimeter was much easier to handle as compared to data outside. But with constant digital transformation projects, the businesses also have to share their very important data with partners, cloud systems, and various third-party applications. And the chain doesn’t stop here! The data users & consumers too have a list of applications & services to rely on and this just makes the entire digital ecosystem way more complicated.

Doesn’t this seem like a ‘Spider Web’? It does seem to me though. And this is where the Data Thieves steer into the very vulnerable digital ecosystem to earn some quick fortune by scamming the clients, applications, systems; in short, everything. Their breaking in not only causes financial damage but also drives the clients away in fear of safety & security.

Of course, a data breach is something that one can’t completely get rid of but there has to be some way or the other to at least alert you against the Data Thieves.

Guess what? There’s not just an effective, but a highly effective solution to help sheriff CISO and the team take charge of the unwanted situation. 

Presenting the special agent Skurio! 24*7*365 services, locating trouble across the ecosystem, clearing off the surface Deep & Dark around the clock, alerting data theft & always a tad more intelligent than the data thieves. The Sheriff and his team just couldn’t have asked for anything more. Skurio enables security, intelligence & safety, all automated.

Now, the Sheriff and his team can sit smiling and sleep peacefully as special agent Skurio guards them with information & intelligence.

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Pranav Kumar

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