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Cyber Security Assessment starts with knowing:

What do you have to protect?
What you’re legally required to protect?
What’s your company’s risk appetite?
What’s your company’s threat landscape?

Focus on what's important to your business

Have confidence and controls when using external cloud services
Reduce Security Tool Fatigue
Run your applications more effectively and securely on the cloud
Stay compliant yet optimized
Cybersecurity Assessment UAE

We are a team of experienced cybersecurity specialists based across the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

Our Cybersecurity Services

Cloud & Network Security  Assessment

We can help you review & validate the security of your cloud environment and develop management plans to maintain it by doing cyber security risk assessment.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment 

We can test your current defense and identify any weaknesses through vulnerability scanning.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Frameworks 

If your organisation must meet complex security requirements, we can help you simplify them to ensure that they are effective. We do NIST CSF assessments, SOC services and more.

Support UAE’S cybersecurity initiatives

IC Digital is helping companies achieve cybersecurity compliance under UAE Information Assurance standards. We provide cyber security risk management and information assurance solutions based on the UAE Information Security Association (UAE-ISA) standards as developed by The Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA), formerly known as National Electronic Security Authority (NESA).

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1. Review of Current IT & Network Security Landscape and Business Needs
2. Current State of Information Security & Analysis
3. Recommendations, Gaps Analysis In Cybersecurity & Immediate Priorities
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