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Our story is your story.

We are a dedicated team of professionals inspired by the vision of a Smart future and we are always on the look-out for professionals who carry a passion for creating futuristic solutions. Being a young company, we are bursting with big ideas and would love to have talented professionals to join us on our journey. At IC Digital, you will have the chance to work with the latest technologies and would be under the valuable guidance of experts from the field of Sales, Technology, and Management. By joining our vision of creating Smart solutions for organisations around the world, you would gain the opportunity to work towards creating innovative automation and cybersecurity solutions for clients from a variety of industries. We believe in the importance of ensuring positive Mental Health at workplace and strive towards creating a work atmosphere that facilitates the holistic growth for every individual on the team. Our leaders create a friendly and open environment to ensure that you always receive the support you need in order to grow, professionally as well as personally. Working with IC Digital you can assured of a safe and conducive environment for pursuing your career goals.


  • Equal Employment Opportunity: At IC Digital we do not discriminate on any grounds, and actively condone such acts in the workplace to provide a safe working environment for everyone.
  • Open & Friendly Work Environment: We, at IC Digital, work towards creating an open and friendly environment, where each team member can express their ideas and concerns without any hesitation.
  • Adequate Reward & Appreciation: We attribute our company’s success to the effort of our dedicated professionals and ensure that their effort is adequately rewarded at every step.
  • Work With The Latest Technologies: We provide best-in-class technologies for our professionals to engineer solutions with.

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Job Openings

Business Development Manager – CyberSecurity

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:-

  1. Experience in Cybersecurity/ IT sales in UAE.
  2. Between 5-7 years of field sales experience.
  3. Bachelor's degree or equivalent, MBA preferred.
  4. Strong End-customer relationships & Rapport Building Skills with active listening & questioning approach.
Key Traits:
  1. Self-motivated and results-oriented.
  2. Customer-Centric / solutions Approach.

Tele Marketing Specialist

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:-
  1. Minimum 3 - 5 years of telemarketing/ tele sales experience in IT industry, preferably in the field of Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Automation.
  2. Bachelor's degree or equivalent, MBA preferred.
  3. Active Listening & effective Questioning skills, Rapport Building.
  4. Online, Social Marketing Experience will be added bonus. Experience in Software sales/ marketing is preferred.
Key Traits:
  1. Self-motivated and results-oriented.
  2. Customer-Centric / solutions Approach.

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