World leaders in
Autonomous Cyber AI

Darktrace AI interrupts in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, including ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure. Join over 6,500 organizations worldwide that rely on a digital immune system to avoid cyber disruptions, without impacting regular business operations.

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Stop ransomware
in its tracks

Attackers can strike when security teams are out of office and response times are slower. Autonomous Response is there when you can’t be, taking targeted action that stops fast-moving threats in seconds without disrupting your business.

AI cyber security that adapts to the unknown

Darktrace delivers autonomous and adaptive protection across diverse systems and distributed users. It detects both known and unknown threats as they emerge.

Insider threat and account takeover

Understand normal user behavior to protect against identity-based threats

Attact on cloud, SaaS and IoT

Detects malicious activity across AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365 and more

Insider threat and account takeover

Self-learning approach identifies subtle deviations from normal

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Autonomous decision-making

Recognized globally for its immune system approach to cyber security, Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI is today capable of making decisions and taking proportionate, autonomous actions to thwart in-progress attacks. In a world where attackers are using AI to find vulnerabilities and creating deep fakes to fool humans, the ability for machines to augment humans – and even fight back – is now a necessity.

Self-learning AI protection with the Enterprise Immune System. Deployed in minutes, results in hours and days.

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