94% of cyber attacks enter organizations via email & messaging

UAE Federal data protection law compliance
requires organizations in UAE to safeguard
personal data in email and messaging
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uAE federal data protection law compliance requires organisations in uAE to safeguard personal data in email & messaging
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Secure your email, people, data, and brand

Email security & resilience

Get world-class protection, offered with total deployment flexibility, with Mimecast Email Security. Our AI-powered detection blocks the most sophisticated email threats.

Data retention & compliance

Unlock the power of your information, accelerate e-discovery, and simplify compliance with a 7x Gartner Magic Quadrant leading solution for Enterprise Information Archiving.

Security awareness training
& user behavior

Make employees an active part of your defense with award-winning content, real-life phish testing, user risk scoring, and targeted end-user support.

the state of email security uAE 2022 report

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Protects your
employees and assets

at and beyond the email perimeter and in all cloud service
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Email Security Done Right With
Targeted Threat Protection


Mimecast X1 Platform

Powering fully integrated services that deliver industry-leading protection for communications, people, and data, it makes information actionable and provides the reliability, resilience, and scale that the modern threat landscape demands.

Breathe easy knowing that your email is secure.

Email is the #1 attack vector. Protect your organisation against spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks with a 100% cloud-based service.

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Enterprise web security that helps you solve your key challenges

Protect your employees against malicious and inappropriate websites with a 100% cloud-based service that integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent cyber protection. Combine Mimecast email and web security services to deliver a single, fully integrated solution designed to increase visibility, simplify administration and strengthen your online security posture.

Move to the cloud with a single, secure archive for email, files, and other content

Mimecast Cloud Archive has long set the industry standard for enterprise information archiving, helping to keep corporate knowledge available, protecting and preserving it, all while simplifying management and administration. By aggregating data across multiple platforms, organisations gain long-term business insights and create a secure, digital corporate memory while reducing costs and risks for legal and compliance teams.

Email Security Targeted Threat Protection

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection protects your organisation and employees from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. It defends against spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation and other targeted email attacks.

URL Protect

Keeps your users and your organization safe by checking websites at the time of click, while educating users along the way.

Attachment Protect

Implements an adaptable approach applying multiple analytic techniques and sandboxing to block malicious email attachments.

Impersonation Protect

Defends against email attacks that use sender and domain spoofing and social engineering to coerce a user into performing an action.

Browser Isolation

Allows users to safely click on any embedded URL and surf the web, blocking phishing attempts and potential malware infections.

Internal Email Protect

Many security teams focus exclusively on inbound email-borne spear-phishing attacks, but this doesn’t sufficiently protect an organisation. Organisations must also protect themselves against internal-to-internal emails and outbound emails that are used to spread threats and spam. In addition, they must look out for delivered email-borne files that turn up as malware.

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Protect your Communications, People and Data as per UAE Federal Data Protection Law
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