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What is the challenge of information security In growing organizations?

Automation, social media, cloud for business, regulatory & compliances - the list of new development in IT is long. Today, the need for speed and control is even more important to companies, who want to remain competitive in rapidly changing markets. Every little optimization can turn into a competitive advantage. The growing needs of IT security alongside poor performance management can pose a major challenge to IT professionals. At the same time, budgets for IT security are increasingly limited too but have to match the potential risks and opportunities in medium & larger enterprises.

Who is the new-age CISO?

The increased prevalence of cyberattacks underscores the need for reliable IT security measures in any corporate strategy. ​​Companies that rely exclusively on internal resources for managing their IT systems risk mis-prioritizing business needs, as the cost of information security is not immediately apparent. Another problem is the tendency to focus too much on innovation and transformation at the expense of safeguarding information security. However, limiting information security to the sole responsibility of the IT department or a more experienced employee can be limited to only focusing on the technical aspects of IT security or reacting to cyberattacks only after they occur.
Thus the emerging trend of onboarding CISO Advisory Services is the solution for small and medium-sized companies that lack in-house IT security experience or resources.

Welcome To CISO Advisory Services

IC Digital offers CISO Advisory Services through a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts that play the role of advisors, technology specialists, and cybersecurity strategists. The CISO advisor can help your organization in the following areas:

  • Act as an advisor to senior management and the board on the state of security and cyber risks with a focus on people, process, and technology safeguards.
  • Create, communicate and drive a long-term cybersecurity plan.
  • Guide the organization's experts on the continuous, effective, and efficient protection from cybersecurity threats.

How can organizations benefit?

Access to seasoned and experienced cybersecurity leaders with discrete expertise in the areas that present challenges.
Identify risks, assess vulnerabilities, and create a holistic and full-proof cybersecurity plan.
Financial goals and strategies are aligned with information security to achieve higher returns despite the change.
Using collaboration between IT, business, and people management; mitigate insider risks and strengthen incident response.
Education and awareness of IT security programs, as well as monitoring of daily job performance for security staff, help ensure that security plans are correctly carried out.

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