Digital Risk Protection Solutions

Complex digital supply chains, increased cyber-attacks and additional data protection regulations have left your business vulnerable. Managing Cybersecurity inside your network alone is no longer enough, because business critical data is shared with partners and suppliers. At the same time, breached data is being shared and traded alongside threats and exploits on surface, deep and Dark Web sites. The result is a potential Digital Risk to your business of disruption, loss of revenue, damaged reputation and more.

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Essential Guide to
Digital Risk Protection

Read this guide to understand:

Common types of digital risk
Different types of data criminals look for
How this data can be used against you
What you can do about it
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Look beyond the network with Skurio and ICD Technologies

Solutions to fit your business need, no matter how large or small.
Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your cybersecurity posture.

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BreachAlert is a secure SaaS solution that helps you identify external threats and breaches specific to your business. It automates manual processes, saving you time and effort, and is easily integrated.

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Integrate BreachAlert into your security operations center or other security and IT applications in your ecosystem with our powerful open APIs and application connectors.

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Intelligence as a service

Our team of threat analysts can provide ongoing expertise with an intelligence services package designed to fit your needs, or on basis of project support when you need it most.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Skurio CTI is a real-time cyber intelligence solution which combines multiple surface, deep and Dark Web sources into a single data feed, providing powerful search, analysis and reporting capabilities.

What is Skurio:


ICD Technologies is passionate about shaping the future of work, by bringing enhanced efficiency and greater security to our clients in the region. It’s cybersecurity offering ensures business continuity and has saved infiltrator-targeted organizations millions of USD in ransomware attacks.

SKURIO creates innovative cybersecurity software which help customers protect themselves from digital risks. Skurio’s mission is to give every organization the ability to reveal their spectrum of Digital Risk, so they can take action to mitigate it.