Relevance of RPA during and post COVID-19

Pranav Kumar
May 3, 2020

In my previous article, I wrote about the benefit Robotic Process Automation [RPA] can bring to Small & Medium Business [SMB]. The usual pressure of cost, revenue, cashflow, which generally burdens an SMB, has extended its reach to companies of all sizes during this unprecedented crisis. We are in a midst of a radical change; and those with agility will survive, may even thrive.

Even though many organizations have adopted physical distancing with majority employees working from home- work still needs to get done. Customers, whether internal or external, need to be served efficiently if business must survive.

In the current situation, it does not make sense for people to spend valuable time and resources in completing manual, repetitive and mundane tasks. Engaging in meaningful and higher value tasks is the only way forward.

Balancing process automation and available human resources for completion of required tasks are of great essence. The productivity of business organizations across the world can be enhanced to a significant degree by an optimal combination of RPA and human resources.

I believe that RPA software can massively improve the productivity of humans. They will be crucial in expanding the human potential to help create organizations that continue their sustainable growth despite pressures.  

RPA is rapidly generating use cases, especially during COVID-19 crisis. I will provide a few examples:

Healthcare: RPA is helping track the inventory levels of the critical resources. It is also playing a crucial role in automating screening, self-registration; besides helping the call centre agents in expediting data retrieval and implementing rule-based tasks for faster throughput. One of my favourites is how it can trigger automated protocols for airflow isolation rooms, medications, equipment, housekeeping etc aiding in efficient Patient Care.

Insurance: Quick assessment of pandemic data can facilitate loss reserving, claims capacity management, new product development. Peak call volumes from customers can be managed by automating routine tasks and sourcing data from multiple applications for a unified customer view.

Function, such as Human Resources, can use RPA to manage employment or unemployment claims and processing; besides also assisting in employee offboarding process, such as automated password reset.

Even after the global lockdown ends, the modus operandi of corporations across the world will witness widespread changes. Booming corporate offices with thousands of employees working in closely situated cubicles would be less common. Don’t you think?

Well, businesses have become aware of new avenues in the past few weeks. Working from home and the use of automation for completion of tasks can accomplish business goals with great effectiveness.

Without a shred of doubt, RPA will become significantly more crucial in the times to come. It will play a pivotal role in driving the future of work.

If you would like to learn how RPA can help your organization, please reach out to us and we will be glad to help.

Pranav Kumar

Excited about digital disruption and exponential impact of emerging technologies; I have a deep passion for technology, business, and progress. I envision a future where an intellectual and responsible use of technology will positively change the future of work, and life.