How Mimecast email security can protect your business from email-borne threats in the UAE

Pranav Kumar
March 26, 2023

Importance of Email Security in UAE

64 % of UAE organisations experienced ransomware attacks through their emails in 2022.

Email has become an integral part of business communication. However, with the increasing use of email comes the increased risk of email-borne threats such as phishing scams, malware, and ransomware. These threats can cause significant financial and reputational damage to businesses. Therefore, it's essential to have a robust email security solution in place to protect your organisation's sensitive information and prevent cyber attacks. Mimecast is a leading email security solution that can help protect your business from email-borne threats in the UAE.

Mimecast: An Overview

Mimecast is a cloud-based email security solution that provides advanced protection against email-borne threats. It offers a wide range of security services, including email filtering, archiving, and continuity. Mimecast's comprehensive email security solution can help businesses in the UAE defend against cyber threats and ensure business continuity.

How Mimecast Email Security can protect your business in the UAE

Here are some of the key features of Mimecast than help your organisation stay protected:

Advanced Email Filtering

Mimecast's advanced email filtering technology can detect and block spam, phishing emails, and other malicious messages before they reach your inbox. Mimecast's filtering capabilities are powered by AI and machine learning, which helps identify and block sophisticated threats.

URL Protection

Mimecast email security also offers URL protection, which checks and blocks malicious links embedded in emails. This feature ensures that employees do not inadvertently click on links that lead to phishing sites or download malware.

Attachment Protection

Attachments are a common way for cybercriminals to spread malware or ransomware. Mimecast scans all attachments for viruses and other malicious content before they reach your inbox. This feature provides an additional layer of protection against email-borne threats.

Email Archiving

Mimecast email archiving allows organisations in the UAE to store emails for extended periods of time. This feature helps with compliance and regulatory requirements and can also be used for legal purposes. Mimecast's archiving solution is secure and ensures that all emails are easily searchable and retrievable.

Business Continuity

Mimecast's email continuity solution ensures that you can continue to send and receive emails, even if your email server is down. This feature is crucial for businesses in the UAE, as it helps maintain business operations during downtime and prevents loss of revenue.


Email-borne threats can have severe consequences for businesses in the UAE, including financial losses and reputational damage. Mimecast email security provides a comprehensive solution that helps protect your organisation's sensitive information and prevents cyber attacks. With its advanced filtering technology, URL and attachment protection, email archiving, and business continuity features, 

Mimecast can help safeguard your business's email communications.

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