How to De-risk Microsoft Office 365 Email Security Threats?

Pranav Kumar
December 14, 2022

Email continues to play a critical role in business communications. Managing growing email volumes and data retention while adhering to compliance is challenging. On one side, CISOs are anticipating better solutions to safeguard Microsoft 365 that could prevent data vulnerability, business downtime and office 365 email security threats.

And on another side, it has become mandatory for companies to practice compliance with the UAE Personal Data Protection Law.

Although Microsoft 356 comes with its own set of security features, the increase in dependability on the platform makes it imperative for companies to invest more in security. As per Mimecast's State of Email Security 2022 (SOES 2022) report, 90% of professionals see the need to add an additional layer of security to Microsoft 365.

So why is there a need to secure email beyond basic Office 365 security settings?

The answer to this question is simple; if you are not securing your email beyond basic Office 365 security settings, you are leaving your business vulnerable to cyber threats.

In the digital age, where remote working has increased, and data travels globally, email remains one of the most common ways of communication between individuals, businesses and even governments. It's also a great way to share sensitive and confidential information. Most people need to realise that their emails may be exposed to cybercriminals or data thieves if they are not properly secured.

Even though Office 365 comes with built-in security features, more is needed to keep your email safe from hackers. You need to use additional tools and applications to secure your emails from being spied on or hacked by cybercriminals.

We suggest a few ways for Office 365 email security to ensure you're using the best practices for securing Office 365 email. These include:

  • Add a layer of security by using Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • Keep your organisation safe with encryption and a secure data centre
  • Practice sending emails to recipients who have been authenticated
  • Use S/MIME for encryption and signing of messages
  • Enable endpoint protection that blocks malicious attachments and links
  • Ensure advanced web protection against phishing attacks and ransomware
  • Protecting email archives as it is an ocean of valuable files and information. Adding resilience features should also be considered.
  • Use various security tools and services to keep your company safe from threats.

Office 365 is a powerful suite of tools for businesses, but it can be a dangerous target for hackers and other cybercriminals. As the number of Office 365 users grows, so does the risk that hackers will try to get inside the network and steal information or even damage your infrastructure.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your data. One of these is to secure Office 365 user access with Mimecast. Mimecast provides an array of security options that allow you to protect your data from unauthorised access and prevent malware from infecting your system.

Mimecast can also help you with Office 365 security user access by ensuring no one else gets into your network without permission. The new Mimecast email security platform is a cloud-based solution that protects your organisation's email and other communications from internal and external threats. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud as part of Office 365.

Mimecast allows you to manage your email and other communications all in one place, with a single pane of glass view into your organisation's security. It integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and provides advanced protection against all types of threats, including phishing, ransomware, viruses and more. As cyber criminals continually innovate their attacks, security companies like Mimecast constantly adapt core and complementary systems and services using intelligent technologies like AI and machine learning.

Takeaway :

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft 365 comes with some built-in security; however, as we have been saying for a long time, this is needed. It is critical and urgent for your business to have a security solution that protects your email system against all sorts of attacks. That is why choosing the right service provider is essential to keep your email platform and cybersecurity posture strong. You should access and understand the risks associated with data loss and security breaches and look for external security partners who successfully support enterprises in combating the severe impact of downtime and loss of sensitive data. It's time to invest in Mimecast Email Security Solutions.

Pranav Kumar

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