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Get ready to enhance your organization's information security practices with IC Digital's ISO 27001:2022 services. With the release of this updated standard, we are here to guide you through the transition and protect your valuable assets.

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Why Upgrade Now to ISO 27001:2022 ?

The ISO/IEC 27001:2022 update reflects the advancements in technology and the complex security threats organizations face. To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information, it is crucial to adopt the revised controls and guidelines by the October 2025 deadline.


Stay Ahead of Threats

Implement enhanced controls for data leakage prevention and privacy, reflecting the latest in cybersecurity.


Business Continuity

Address the expanded requirements for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR), crucial for operational resilience.


Market Trust

Implement enhanced controls for data leakage prevention and privacy, reflecting the latest in cybersecurity.

High-Level Transition Steps to ICD ISO 27001:2022  

Readiness Assessment

Understand the necessary changes for compliance.

Modify ISMS Policies

Based on this assessment, we develop a bespoke cybersecurity strategy that addresses your specific risks and business goals.

Implement Control Changes

Introduce new controls or modify existing ones as needed.

Certification Against the New Release

Prepare for the certification audit.

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Partner with ICD Technologies for ISO 27002:2022

Our ISO experts are at your service to ensure a strategic upgrade toISO27001:2022. With ICD Technologies, you gain:

Strategic Insight

Benefit from our deep understanding of the standard's nuances.

Customized Roadmaps

Receive a bespoke action plan that fits your organization's specific needs.

Ongoing Excellence

Depend on us not just for transition but for continuous alignment with evolving standards.

Review the ISO 27002:2022 document for detailed guidance.
Purchase the ISO 27001:2022 document to understand the new requirements.
Adjust controls, policies, and systems to align with the updated version.
Develop a robust plan for implementing changes.
Regularly compare progress to the new standard and make adjustments.

Our ISO experts offer a range of services:

Gap Analysis and Remediation Support

Identify discrepancies and provide tailored solutions.

Control Implementation and Process Optimization

Strengthen controls for data leakage prevention and privacy regulation compliance.

Comprehensive Training and Documentation

Equip your team for a smooth transition.

Audit Facilitation

Support during internal and external audits.

Ongoing Compliance Assurance

Stay up to date with changing standards.

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The ISO 27001:2022 update is an opportunity to enhance your organization's security posture. Let IC Digital help you navigate this transition with confidence.

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