End-User Computing: Empower Your Hybrid Workforce with Secure Virtual Apps and Desktops

Through our partnership with industry-leading experts, we offer comprehensive solutions that enhance productivity, ensure data security, and provide flexibility in the workspace.

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Experience the Power of Virtual Apps and Desktops

Maximize agility, security, and cost savings for your organization's hybrid workforce. IC Digital's Virtual App and Desktop solutions empower your employees with seamless access to critical applications and data, regardless of their device or location.

We are experts in End-user Computing

Our expertise lies in virtualization, networking, and cloud computing technologies, all geared towards enabling EUC. Our EUC solutions are tailored to provide users with a seamless and secure work experience, irrespective of their device or location. This is in line with the core objectives of End-user computing, ultimately aimed at enhancing productivity, ensuring security, and offering flexibility in work practices and locations.

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Our End User Computing Offerings

Address Individual User Needs

Customize and optimize the user experience to meet the unique requirements of different teams and roles. Whether it's specialized engineering applications, unified communication tools, or critical healthcare workloads, our solutions ensure exceptional performance for end users, regardless of their device.

Streamline Management

Simplify the management of your virtual environments, from troubleshooting to monitoring. Our streamlined management tools reduce expenses and ensure the health of your virtual app and desktop infrastructure, making it easier for your IT team to support your end users.

Highly Secured Access

Safeguard your organization's data with robust security measures. Our solutions include app protection and multi-factor authentication to ensure the privacy and integrity of your sensitive information. With IC Digital, you can confidently protect your applications and data from unauthorized access.

Seamless BYOD Experience

Enable your users to access their virtual apps and desktops seamlessly across multiple devices - from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. Our solutions offer easy password resets and clientless HTML5 access, minimizing the need for IT intervention and empowering your employees to work flexibly.

Long-term support

Choose our Long-Term Service Release (LTSR) option to benefit from extended support durations. With LTSR, you can enjoy up to ten years of continuous fixes and support, ensuring that your virtual app and desktop environment remains stable and reliable in the long run.

Explore Advanced EUC Capabilities

Harness the power of end user computing solutions to adapt to the changing demands of your organization, whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or a blend of both.

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