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Citrix VD is Trusted by Leading Companies

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is trusted by IT departments worldwide, empowering over 100 million users with secure data access and a top-notch user experience. In collaboration with Citrix, ICD offers best-in-class Citrix VD solutions so you can deliver high-performing workspaces to your users no matter their location.

Make the most of your virtual apps and desktops

Unlock a realm of enhanced agility, heightened security, and significant cost savings for your organisation, regardless of your current stage in the cloud journey.

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Citrix VD Features

Address the unique needs of each user.

Superior Experience

Deliver an exceptional experience with targeted optimizations for unified communications tools, specialized engineering apps, or critical healthcare workloads regardless of device or network conditions.

Easier management

Use a range of tools to troubleshoot, control costs, and monitor the health of your environment. Whether you are supporting ten users, or tens of thousands.

More secure access

Keep hackers away from the data stored in applications with comprehensive security policies, app protections, authentication mechanisms, and more.

Better BYOD

Provide a universal client that works natively on the full range of desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones-plus easy password resets and clientless HTML5 access. No extra IT work involved.

Long-term support

Leverage the Long Term Service Release (LTSR) option to lock in a predictable maintenance cadence for ongoing fixes, with up to 10 years of support.

Explore Citrix VD Platform

Harness the power of virtualization to adapt to the changing demands of your organization, whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or a blend of both.

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